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Streamline Your Take-Out Experience

Looking for ways to make the takeout experience more streamlined in your restaurant?  These helpful tips will make customer service a top priority and reward users for ordering via your Ordrslip app!Establish a Dedicated Area for Pickup OrdersCreate a space that makes it quick for customers to pick up their order on the go. We…

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Easy Restaurant Marketing Wins Using Promotional Items

Want to stand out in the local restaurant scene while promoting your Ordrslip app? These promotional ideas will catch your customer’s eye and are easy to implement without breaking the bank. With $100 or less, these custom-printed items are guaranteed to increase downloads of your app. Get creative with table signage If you are a…

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5 Easy Ways to Use Videos to Promote Your Restaurant Marketing

Did you know there’s a lot of creative ways to utilize video for your marketing that only take minutes to execute? With a simple strategy in place, you can start utilizing video to connect with customers and bring more people in the door. Here are five ways you can start producing videos today for your…

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Tips for Creating the Best Restaurant Menu on Square POS

Creating your menu in Square can seem like a daunting task.  There are a lot of options like Categories, Items, Modifiers and Variations to consider but the key is to know what each of these things represent in Square and what it means to you, in your world.  Keeping yourself organized is super important too,…

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