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New Feature: Auto-Complete Your Orders

Ordrslip’s new Auto-Complete feature is a hassle-free way to mark takeout orders ascomplete. Your team now has the option to skip the typical order sequence in the Order Fulfillment Kiosk and maximize efficiency. You no longer have to keep track of whether customers have picked up their order before marking it as complete. Auto-Complete frees up…

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The Revue: Building Community Through Mobile Ordering

Coffee shops are sometimes hesitant to set up mobile ordering. They worry that an app will affect their shop’s sense of community. The Revue, a local coffee shop in Fresno, California, proves that mobile ordering apps can actually promote community, not limit it. After it opened in the summer of 2017, The Revue quickly established…

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Third-party delivery apps – the good, the bad, and the ugly

To stay competitive in the busy restaurant marketing landscape, many establishments are utilizing third-party apps to meet the demand for customer convenience. While customers love the accessibility that brands like Grubhub and UberEats provide, the restaurateur can often experience the headache of escalating food and operation costs using these services. These go-between apps may lead…

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Easy Restaurant Marketing Wins Using Promotional Items

Want to stand out in the local restaurant scene while promoting your Ordrslip app? These promotional ideas will catch your customer’s eye and are easy to implement without breaking the bank. With $100 or less, these custom-printed items are guaranteed to increase downloads of your app. Get creative with table signage If you are a…

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