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App for your customers

A custom native app (iPhone & Android) featuring your full menu for easy mobile ordering, highlighted with your restaurant’s branding, colors, photos of your restaurant


Tablet for your staff

We’ve built an easy-to-manage solution for fulfilling & tracking the incoming orders from your app, and configuring your app to work perfectly in your restaurant.

App for your customers

Your new online ordering app from Ordrslip is user-friendly and gives your customers everything they need to order and pay for their next order at your restaurant.


Custom Smartphone App

Your restaurant’s own app, available for download in the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play


Your Restaurant's Full Menu

Give your customers access to all their favorites, just like they’re ordering in your restaurant.


Customer Profiles

Your customers store their payment information, pickup details and order history to make reordering a snap.


Accurate Custom Ordering

We’ve built our app to give your customers all the options they need to select and customize their order just like they want it.

Restaurant Dashboard

Our convenient, intuitive kiosk enables your restaurant staff to manage Ordrslip app orders with one touch.


Pending Orders

Every order originated from your app lands in one convenient view, optimized for ease-of-use and user-friendly operation by your staff


Completed Orders

With a few taps and swipes on the dashboard, staff can access and view all completed orders for a snapshot of items ordered and time of completion.


Order History

View a summary and history of orders your customers have placed during past visits just in case they can’t remember and want to re-order their favorite items.


Admin Dashboard

Access all pending and completed orders, reprint meal receipts or print comprehensive reports for analysis and planning for supplies.


Customizable Settings

Access all your dashboard settings, adjust notifications or fine-tune your individual process settings to optimize your customer service and staff usability.


Performance Updates

Receive updates and notifications on meal prep time, kitchen-to-customer times and overall meal service progress so you can monitor performance and adjust accordingly.

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Ordrslip is a set of tools that helps any restaurant launch their own mobile app!