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COVID-19 UPDATE: Restaurants are performing a critical community service. We'll help you pivot to a takeout-only model.


Knowledge Base

Our resource for tech support and community based support from businesses currently using OrdrSlip. Learn about best practices to keep everything running smooth.

Getting Started

Technology can be weird, but we're here to help. Our team works hard to make sure all of your questions are answered.

  1. 1 Thoroughly review your new app

    Go through your new app, have your friends and family experiment with the app, and analize how the app works into your restaurant's unique workflow.

  2. 2 Walk your staff through the app

    As a store owner or manager, make sure your location’s staff are fully trained on the Ordrslip app and all the concepts — let them know how you want them to work the app

  3. 3 Work out the kinks

    Make sure Ordrslip and your operations are dialed in and ready to accept orders, even during a rush. Feel free to contact your onboarding specialist,

  4. 4 Let your customers know

    Shout it from the rooftops. Your restaurant has its own app, and your customers can now order any time, from any where. Social media, in-store promotional messaging — get creative!

Frequently Asked Questions

 If you are experiencing issues outside of what is documented below, please reach out to, or call 877.353.8093 during normal business hours.

I forgot my 6-digit identification number?

Contact Customer Success ( and we'll get that to you ASAP.

I want to change the menu in the app, how do I add or change an item or category?

Easy-peasy. Use your Square/Clover/Aloha account to make menu changes. Your app will update automatically.

My "time-to-serve" metric shows a really long wait. Is that true?

Probably not. Make sure your staff remember to use the "Complete Order" button in the Admin Kiosk.

I've noticed something isn't working properly, who do I talk to?

Customer Success ( has your back. We'll document and track it to make sure it gets resolved.

My power went out, my printer's not printing receipts – what do I do?

Follow the Quickstart Guide to retrieve your printer's IP address and re-enter it into the Admin Kiosk settings.

My printer's not printing receipts after I configured it. What gives?

Your kiosk may be on a different network than your Powerline setup. Ensure that they're both connected to the same router.

Your tablet or PC may be asleep. Check your settings to ensure it's configured not to fall to sleep automatically.

My Admin Kiosk is behaving oddly on an older tablet or PC – any tips for getting it to run smoothly?

The technology we use is pretty advanced. Try running your Admin Kiosk on a newer generation tablet or PC and see if that resolves your issue.

How to Resources

Want to know how to do something? We have you covered! We have created tons of articles for you to know everything about your Ordrslip app and kiosk.

Featured Articles

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How to Setup Fulfillments

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Fulfillment Area Set-Up

At Ordrslip, we know that after your app is up and running, you’re going to need a well-structured system to receive and manage your orders. This video is going to help walk through your kiosk…

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Pop-Up Messaging in your Mobile App and Online Ordering

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Still Need Help?

Our customer support is here to help.

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