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COVID-19 UPDATE: Restaurants are performing a critical community service. We'll help you pivot to a takeout-only model.



We know times are tough,
but we can help!


Restaurants are performing a critical community service by keeping their doors open and adapting their services to accommodate take-out orders while the "Shelter in Place" orders are active. As a restaurant owner, this is likely the hardest time you've faced in your career and every cent you can save, helps keep your doors open and your people employed.

In support of this, Ordrslip is offering our services for FREE to establishments who want to streamline their ordering process using online and mobile ordering. 

Your dining area might be closed but your take-out capabilities don't have to be. We can help keep your lights on and your customers fed. Mobile ordering and in-house delivery will keep your business staffed and responsive.


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“It allows the smaller, quick-service restaurants to compete better with the larger chains that can afford maybe tens of thousands of dollars to put towards a mobile app.“

Miguel Alarcon
Ordrslip, Product Officer

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Restaurant Dashboard

Our convenient, intuitive kiosk enables your restaurant staff to manage Ordrslip app orders with one touch.


Customer App

A custom native app (iPhone & Android) featuring your full menu for easy mobile ordering.

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