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Updating Holiday Hours

The holidays are approaching fast, so it’s important to let your customers know of any limited availability in your ordering app. So let’s get started setting up those holiday hours

For clarification, holiday hours is a feature that allows you to override your business ordering and store hours for civic date and time. This saves you the hassle of having to restructure your original hours and can be set individually to each location

Now let’s jump into your admin dashboard and get started on those holiday hours. Once you’re ready to go ahead and start setting up your holiday hours, go on and select locations on the left hand side. And once it’s loaded, go ahead and choose the location you would like to set your holiday hours for. Keeping in mind that each locations holiday hours will need to be set individually

After that, go ahead and scroll down until you find your holiday hours and then click add holiday. As you can see, there are a few things you will need to choose before actually adding your holiday hours such as the date, the name, and the open status. December 25th is always a great one to start with.

The last thing you’ll need to choose will be the open status. You can either choose closed or open for special hours, and then select the hours you would like your store to be open for. This will override the hours for this specific date. And once you’re done, you’ll see that your holiday hours are all set and good to go.

We know the holidays can be a busy time, so here are a few best practices for setting up your holiday hours. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your holiday hours, be sure to set them as soon as you know what your store’s availability will be during those times, and also remember that it’s a good idea to let your customers know that your store will have these special holiday hours by creating a simple post on your social media outlets.

Now that you’ve set up your holiday hours, we here Ordrslip would love to wish you and those closest to you a happy holiday season.

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