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Updating Hours on the Admin Dashboard

Hey guys. It’s DJ, your friendly client success specialist, coming at you from Ordrslip headquarters. Today we’ll be starting a new series focusing on a tool you all may be familiar with, the Ordrslip Kiosk. More specifically, we’ll be discussing the finer details and features that might have flown under your radar, everything from editing locations to editing menus, but for now, we want to focus on one specific thing: setting your hours.

To get started managing and setting up your hours, feel free to log into Ordrslip Kiosk. From there, go ahead and click on the little lock icon on the top right-hand corner. Once clicked on, you will be directed to your admin page. On your admin page, you will see that there are many different tools to use for better managing and utilizing your Ordrslip app.

On the location pages specifically, you will find that all your business locations have been listed out properly in front of you, and all easy to manage. Once the location has been selected, you will see that there are four different hours that you have to set up before your app is ready to go. That will be your store hours, your app pickup hours, your holiday hours, and delivery hours.

Store hours are very important, as they dictate to your customer when your restaurant is physically open. This is good to know so that they can know when they are able to place an order and when they are able to stop by and actually say hi to you guys.

Next would be your app pick-up hours. The app pickup hours are very important, as these dictate when your customers are able to set their order to be picked up.

Holiday Hours is a specific tool used for when your restaurant will be closed or only partially open for part of a specific date, and delivery Hours is a very unique tool used for when your customers can order to go.

To begin setting your hours, simply click Edit Store Hours. From there, choose the day, and then set a time when you will be open. And after that, select a time when you’ll close for the day. And just like that, the Clovis location is now set to be open on Monday from7:30 to 2 o’clock. After this, you’ll need to set your app pickup hours. Now, here at Ordrslip, we recommend that you set your app pick up hours to begin at least half an hour after you open. And this can go all the way until you close at night.

Now, as for your holiday hours, as stated earlier this is a very specific tool for choosing very specific dates, such as my personal favorite, Christmas. From here, you can choose whether you would like your restaurant to be completely closed, or for a specific time, and just like that, you have Christmas free.

Delivery hours are as easy to set as your store hours. You simply select the date, the time when you will be open, and the time when you’ll close down. Delivery can be specifically set to on and off through the easy click of a button. And just like that, your hours are set.

From here on out, it’s as easy as editing them and changing them as you will. I hope that you found this tutorial and series to be very helpful, and can’t wait to continue working with you guys in the future.

Hey, would you look at that? It’s time for lunch.

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