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Using Promo Codes

Hey guys, it’s DJ, your client success representative here at Ordrslip. Today, we’re going to be going over an awesome new innovation, our new admin dashboard. From here, you’ll have so many more opportunities to customize and manage your app. And today, we’re going to be actually starting with a feature all of you have requested for quite a long time now. Let’s get started talking about your promo codes.

Here we have your new admin dashboard. As you can see, we have added a few new features for you to better manage and utilize your Ordrslip app, such as punch cards, reports, and our focus of today, promo codes. To get started, go ahead and select create a new promo code. From here, there are a few things we need to decide, such as the promo name. The promo name is a feature specifically used to help you remember what code is in line with which promotion, such as when it’s finally coming around to Christmas time.

After this, we have to select the code that we would like users to input into their app to get access to this awesome new deal. After this, we can go ahead and decide whether we would like the customer to get a flat amount off of their order, or a percentage. Let’s go ahead and just stick with that $5 for now. After this, there are a few more details that we can go ahead and decide if we ever want, such as if we would like this code to apply to the entire order, a certain category, or a specific item. As you could see when selecting category and/or item, these specific lists pop up for each one.

Next would be if we would like this promo code to expire on a specific given date. For now, let’s go ahead and let the Christmas spirit rain on. We can also select what location we would like our code to be present at and how many times it can be redeemed by a customer and how many customers.

Once we’ve selected all of this, we are good to go and submit. And just like that, your customers can get half off their meal with half of the struggle on your end. Remember that if you ever have any questions or just want some help with setup, you can always contact me night or day. Now stay safe out there, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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